Alto das Nogueiras is the name given to this new development in Fatima, since the land where it has been built was already called Nogueiras and it is located in the highest point (Alto) of Fatima; hence the designation of Alto das Nogueiras.
Alto das Nogueiras is an excellent place to live in Fatima. It is located in a peaceful area within the city; here, the harmony of the countryside and city life come together. This is a graceful, wide, and sunny place.
Those who live in this noble part of the city know that they have access to an unlimited number of services close to home.

Five minutes away from Alto das Nogueiras you have access to: Private and Public Education, up to the age of ten (childcare, kindergarten, and primary school); Escola de Hotelaria de Fatima (Hotel School); Music Conservatory; Catechetical Centre; Tutoring Centre; and Driving School.

Those who live here are also two feet away from a hairdressing and beauty salon, supermarkets, grocery shops, laundry, café, snack bars, chemist, take away, restaurants, legal and attorney services, footwear and clothing shops, telecommunications, herbalist, leisure centre, interior decorating, flower shop, butcher’s shop, greengrocer’s, shoe repair, social security, and a hotel, and let us not forget St. John Baptist Church.

In addition to these services, you are also seven minutes away from the Sanctuary of Fatima and the following services: Notary Public, Post Office, Banks, Museums, and Middle and Secondary School.

One of the most important characteristics of Alto das Nogueiras consists in the fact that although it is located in the city centre of Fatima, it is a peaceful area with easy access, even during the times of great pilgrimage, which is a characteristic of this city. And let us not forget the easy access to A1 motorway.

It is nice to live in Fatima.

Alto das Nogueiras is set on a central location close to the main public and private services, as well as the Sanctuary of Fatima. It is a point of reference on the map of Cova da Iria.
The families that live there have a good relationship with each other; therefore, this community lives and encourages an environment of good-neighbourliness.
The Price / Quality binomial continues to define this development in a way that it meets the needs of Fatima’s specific market from an urban, environmental, and social point of view.


This is without a doubt a pleasant place with a privileged location.
In Alto das Nogueiras there is a house for every dream.